Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of D’Estee, Inc. endeavors to maintain and sustain a public service focus, manage the fiscal affairs of D’Estee, Inc. and interact with multiple facets of the community at micro and macro levels.

The business affairs of D’Estee, Inc. are managed by a Board of Directors. The Board consists of 35 members. Membership on the Board is open to both members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Chicago Alumnae Chapter and community representatives. Elected officers are: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, assistant treasurer and financial secretary.

D’Estee, Inc. purchased property at 4519 – 4525 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive to provide service to Chicago communities in the areas of education, mental health, international relations, literacy and political awareness.


Andrea Brookins, President

Pamela Parker, Vice President

Tippi Rogan-Stennis, Secretary

Deborah Barnes, Treasurer

Gloria J. Davis, Financial Secretary

Renita Flowers-Jackson, Assistant Financial Secretary

Darlene Allen-Richmond, Director

Adam Andrews, Director 

Julia Branson, Director

Alan Brazil, Director 

Rudolph Brown, Director

Kimberly Cross-Spears, Director 

Cecelia Donaldson, Director

Joyce Donaly, Director

Kamisha Gray, Director

Dionysius C. Hall, Director 

Gary Heflin, Director 

LaDwonda Hill, Director

Cynthia Hughes-Hannah, Director

Adrienne Johnson, Director

Falon Lawson, Director

Andrea McLaurin, Director

George Michael Outlaw, Director

Stacey Mixon Newton, Director       

Monica Morrow, Director      

Fulton Nolen Jr., Director 

Diane Phillips-Billingsley, Director       

Lionel Pittman, Sr., Director

Erica L. Reaves, Director

Wanda Russell-Ganaway, Director

Danielle Sackie-Mensah Fair, Director

Sheldon Spicer, Director

Mary Tillery, Director

Cathy Walker Murray, Director

Jennifer Williams, Director



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